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Longevity coach for seniors 60+

Reaching your 90s playing tennis and enjoying all your magical family moments with total autonomy is possible. And it is not genetic. You need to setup a healthy Longevity Strategy early.

Rosita is a Longevity Coach that engages seniors above 60 to design, plan and execute an adaptive Healthy Longevity Strategy that allows them to be in their best condition to enjoy all their adventures.

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Your Healthy Longevity Strategy

For 10 years, we have been designing Longevity Strategy Plans for seniors in their 60s and 70s at the largest Longevity School in Europe, with over 15,000 seniors who come to our facilities every year.

We will leverage those experiences and the latest technologies to help millions of seniors increase their healthy lifespan and reduce all the risks related to dependency.

Our methodology is based on education, diagnosis and treatments. To enjoy a healthy longevity, you must be an active participant, not a passenger of an ageing process.

Our plans are researched, designed and developed by renowned scientists, gerontologists, physiotherapists, doctors and biomechanics institutions.

Your plan is personalized based on physical strength, equilibrium, chronic pain, pathologies, and personal objectives that change over time.

Take a seat, prepare for take off!

We aim to help 50 million seniors avoid the risk of dependency

Want to support our seniors so they can enjoy their best adventures?

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